Shop With A Cop

Shop with a Cop 2018



On Saturday December 3, 2018 the Optimist Club of Frederick, held their Twelfth annual “Shop with a Cop” program. This event took place at Wal-Mart, 2421 Monocacy Blvd in Frederick. Thirty-seven children from Frederick County were given an opportunity to “Shop with a Cop” and buy Christmas gifts for their families. Police officers from the Frederick City Police, Maryland State Troopers, Maryland Sheriff’s Deputies, Thurmont and Brunswick Police,  accompanied these children on their Christmas adventure.  The Officers picked the children up at their home and transported them to Wal-Mart. The children were given $100 gift cards to purchase gifts for loved ones in their lives. This gave the children an opportunity to be “gift givers.” The Optimist club members and friends wrapped all the gifts purchased by the children. The police officers then drove the children to Frederick Outback Steakhouse, who through the generosity of owner Debra Larson, provided lunch for the officers and children. Eating lunch together gave the Officers and their paired child time to get to know each other better and build a bond of respect. It was a fun and exciting day for all those involved.

Listed above front row from left: Chandler Lewis, Cheyenne Weedon, Halee Bolinger, Evan Boone, Kaeden Williams, Ezekiel Rodriguez, Michael Pratt, Isabella Garner, Caden Doughty, Tessa Feo, Lexi King, Easton Hamilton, Shannon Naill, Jacob Gabriel, Francisco Santos, Jamir Addison, October Holloway, Jonathan Barnes.
2nd row from left: Cpl Christopher Handler, Cpl Jacki Drukenis, Cpl Tim Duhan, Tfc Brad Zimmerman, Sgt Richard Kulina, Cpl Jerimy Tindal, Trooper Jonathan Deater, Lt Wayne Wachsmuth, Sgt Todd Hill, Tfc Kyle Knowles, Cpl Josh White, D Sgt Scott Robertson, Tfc Sam Morris, Lt Brian Smith, Tfc Daniel Peterson, 1st Sgt James Egros, Tfc Cory Mills, Det Christopher Plumadord.
3rd row from left: Stefany Garcia, Xavier Lacy, Nathalie Paez-Martinez, Kavari Onley, Emily Eyck, Haylie Fultz, Wesley Sheriff, Nezaeh Dove, Kai Rader-Barnes, Dylan Weedon, Mya Sampson, Justine Fogg, Taylar Bey, Jazmine Wooldridge, Liam Sweeney, Kristin Mills, Cassidy Gray, Noel Navas Hernandez.
4th row from left:  Sgt Rebecca Carrado, Lt John Holler, Ofc Kristin Kowalski, Ofc Scott Long, Ofc Sara Evans, Ofc Jeff Putman, Ofc Nicole Hamilton, Ofc Derrick Scott, Ofc Maggie Lee, Ofc Samantha Payne, Dfc Stephanie Bird, Cpl Tim Grove, Dfc Robert Sidow, Dfc Teresa Holland, Dfc Amber Blackmire, Dfc Kaitlyn Moxley, Dfc Mike Davies, Dfc Kayla Staub, Sgt. David Keefer, Dfc Chad Smith.